Our Story

At Cheeta Recovery we are all about removing the obstacles to staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. By that we don’t mean two lettuce leaves for lunch and six hours on the treadmill. Instead, give Australian’s the best opportunity to go out and be active.

No more it’s too cold, it’s too hot, I always chafe, I don’t own any comfortable sportswear, I just can’t be bothered today. A defiance to except these excuses was how the Cheeta Mentality and our first product range were born.

We refuse to let these excuses create inaction, that is why we created compression wear products that promote activity. The benefits of compression garments are vast and what is more ours are as comfy as they come.

Why Cheeta and the Cheeta Mentality

We lost count of the amount of times we heard from people who were sick of paying outrageous amounts for their workout gear. Why should you pay a premium to the big multinationals for something that helps you live a healthy and active lifestyle?

As a completely independent company, we’re able to provide a high quality product at an amazing price because we cut out the middlemen. No big retail chains, no TV advertisements, and no overpaid and pushy salesman.

By purchasing from Cheeta you are supporting a traditional small business. We manage the whole end-to-end process from design right through to delivery to your doorstep.
We spoke to everyone from doctors to dog walkers, sourced some of the best factories from across the globe, and tested dozens of products and designs, and have created what we believe to be Australia’s most comfortable compression wear company, all at an affordable price.

It is time to embrace the Cheeta Mentality and be active. To learn more about and shop for the Cheeta product range click here

But we aren’t all dollars and cents. We are proud supporters of local sporting and fitness groups that continue to help Aussies stay active. Try our compression out and register your interest to see if we can help sponsor/support your local sports team or any activities that promote health and wellbeing. 

Email us - info@cheetarecovery.com.au